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Terms & Conditions

Arrowmail is a Limited Company registered in the UK which provides email and other related IT services.


We hate “Term and Conditions” as well, but we’d hate even more having to defend ourselves in court for failing to do something we’d never promised to do in the first place.

So this page contains a link to PDF file which specifies, in minute detail, how our service works, what our responsibilities to our customers are and what our customers’ responsibilities to us are.
We, of course, agree to be bound by them and, by starting to use any of our services you are also assumed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty we present a short unofficial summary:-

Arrowmail offers its services on a “best effort” basis which means that we try our hardest to maintain a continuous high quality service. No customer is locked-in to using us past the end of the current calendar month so if you don’t like the way we operate, you can take your business elsewhere.
It may be a hassle to change, but we won’t obstruct you moving to another provider.
This is what keeps our minds focused: the fact that we’re never more than one month away from having no customers.
We want to stay in business and so we take all prudent steps to make our services resilient against failures, but there are still too many things outside our control that can go wrong for us to be able to offer any honest guarantees.
In the past 5 years, many of the “big boys” such as Facebook, eBay, Gmail and Hotmail have suffered service outages of more than 12 hours.

We’re subject to the UK Data Protection Act 2018 which is the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Your data is stored on servers which are located inside the UK. We don’t access your data unless required to do so as part of operating our services, and we won’t disclose to any 3rd party anything our access to your data reveals about your business activities.
We will cooperate with the relevant UK authorities investigating criminal activity.
Your data cannot be accessed by other customers that use our services.
But, you store your data on our servers at your own risk. Losing customer data is the thing we try our hardest never to do but if some disaster happens that defeats all our safeguards then we are not liable for any losses to your company that this may cause.

Any monetary compensation from us to you is limited to the amount that you’ve already paid to us for the current month.

Your responsibilities to us are:-
1 – Pay on time.
2 – Stay within the limits of your account.
3 – Don’t send spam or other types of nuisance, offensive or illegal emails.

Just because we get to write these Terms and Conditions doesn’t mean that we’ve stacked them in our favour to an outrageous extent.
If, perchance, you do go to the trouble of reading them, we think you’ll find them reasonable.