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Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I want to send an email using this page?




You need to send an email urgently and, for some reason, you can't access your normal email system but can access this webpage.
Perhaps your company's mail-server or Internet connection has failed.

You don't want to reply to an email using your usual From address and your email system isn't setup to allow you to use alternative From addresses.
Perhaps you want to reply from your company's info@ address instead of your normal personal address.

You want your email to have Blind Copy (Bcc) recipients but you can't trust your normal email system to keep the existence and email addresses of the Blind Copy recipients secret from other recipients.
We guarantee that our system handles Blind Copies correctly.


Why has the From address I've entered been rejected?



You can only use From addresses that have been specifically enabled by us.
This webpage is only for the use of Arrowmail customers and you may have forgotten to request some or all of your company's email addresses to be enabled for use on this page.
If you use our Ring Fence or Lost Email Protection service then we should have already enabled all the domains that we are protecting.
If an email address you need to use hasn't been enabled as a From address then please contact us to request this. If we didn't restrict the From addresses, this page would be used to send spoof emails.
We can enable whole domains, such a so that <anything> will work, or just specific addresses.
If you need to be able to send from, say, a BT Internet address then we would just enable that specific address and not all BT Internet addresses.

Take care that you don't make typos when entering email addresses on this page as you don't have your Address Book or Outlook's auto-suggest to save you typing out full addresses.


Will an email I send, using this page, contain any advertising or other extra items?




No, definitely not!
The recipients of your emails will just see what you've written.
Emails sent from this page will contain hidden headers showing its progress through our mail-servers which is not only normal but required to conform to Internet email standards.
A knowledgeable person will therefore be able to work out that you've sent it from this page but, with just the standard level of scrutiny, it will appear to have been sent from your normal email system.


How can I view replies to emails I've sent?



The same way you view all you other emails: perhaps in Outlook on a PC, using a webmail program such as Outlook Web Access or on a SmartPhone.
This page is for sending only and provides no method of viewing replies.
This means it's important to put an email address in the From: line that you have access to so you can read any replies.
You may have to wait until you can get access to your normal email system in order to read any replies to emails you've sent using this page.


How do I know if my email has been sent successfully?



If you get the "Email Successfully Sent" message after clicking the Send Email button, this means our mail-server has accepted it for delivery.
This doesn't necessarily mean that it will be successfully delivered to all its recipients.
Although most emails are delivered successfully in seconds, there can often be temporary delays of several hours or even days.
A receiving mail-server can even appear to accept an email only to then decide that it's spam and discard it without sending back any notification.
Like sending a standard letter, there's no mechanism to guarantee when or if an email will be delivered.
When our mail-server has accepted your email, there is no further interaction with this webpage.
If our mail-server hasn't been able to deliver your email after an hour it will send a "Temporary Failure" warning to the From address used in the email.
It will continue to try and send the email, once an hour, for the next 5 days or until the receiving mail-server specifically refuses to accept it.
A "Permanent Delivery Failure" message will then be sent to the From address.


How can I get a copy of emails I've sent using this page?



We automatically send a Blind Copy of each email to the From address.
This means, when you access your normal email system, there will be an exact copy of the email you sent in your Inbox, which you can drag to your Sent Items folder for future reference.
Being a Blind Copy, the recipient of your email won't see this in the To of CC lines of the email you sent to them


Is there a way I can send an email attachment?



We're currently not providing the ability to send attachments from this webpage.
Attachments are problematic as they can contain viruses or illegal or copyrighted material.


What's a Blind Copy or Bcc?



A Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) is a full copy of an email sent to a recipient who is not shown in either the To: or Cc: fields of the email.
This means the To: and Cc: recipients don't know that this Blind Copy has been sent out.
In this way a Blind Copy is a secret copy.

You might, for instance, send your boss a Blind Copy of an email that you send to a client so that your boss is aware of what's happening and can see that your email complies with company policy.
An email send out to many recipients on a mailing list often only has the sender themselves shown in the To: field with Blind Copies to everyone else.
This way, the members of the mailing list are kept secret from each other.

Is sending Blind Copies a moral thing to do?
In the mailing list example above I would say yes, but for sending secret copies to third parties - probably not.
All the email programs I have ever used allow Blind Copies and so that's why we've included the option for Blind Copies on this page.
A Blind Copy is automatically sent to the From address so you'll have a copy of any email you send from this page in your main email program and, if this weren't a Blind Copy, it might look odd that you, as the sender, also appear in the Cc: line.

We guarantee that Blind Copies sent from this page are truly blind.
In other words there is absolutely no way that the To: and Cc: recipients will know that any Blind Copies of an email have been sent or who they've been sent to.
Also, a Bcc recipient will not know about any other Blind Copies that may have been sent out.
This may be a reason to use this page, as not all email systems handle Blind Copies correctly.

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