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Hosted Exchange Mailbox Support

  Download PDFs of instructions for common tasks

There are separate instructions for Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016/365
plus an FAQ

"How To"s

  Configure Your Microsoft Exchange Server to use the Arrowmail Smarthosts

If your company wants to use our Smarthosts to ensure your emails are delivered, here are step-by-step instruction on how to configure your Exchange 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 server to do this.

  Configure a PC, Mac or other Mail-Server to use the Arrowmail Smarthosts

If you don't have a mail-server you can still connect to our Smarthosts directly from your PC or Mac. Here are general instructions for setting up any email program or mail-server to use our Smarthost servers.

  Change your MX records to use the Arrowmail Services

If you want to use our Hosted Mailbox, Ring-Fence or Lost Email Protection services you'll need to change the MX records for your Internet domain.
Here's the details of the changes you need to make and how to do it.

  Create an SPF Record to Authorise Arrowmail's Servers to send emails on behalf of your Internet Domain

If you send emails through the Arrowmail servers it's a good idea to create an SPF record authorising our servers to send emails on your behalf.
An SPF record may help to get your emails delivered more reliably.
Here's what you need to know to create the correct SPF record.

  Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook

When you have deleted an email from your mailbox and the Deleted Items folder our server still holds onto them for a further 60 days. This page has instructions on how you can recover such deleted emails.

  Re-Submit Emails to our Anti-Spam System that it has Classified Incorrectly

When our anti-spam system has made a mistake, you can re-submit the wrongly classified email back to us for our system to learn from.  For this to be useful,  the email you send us must be in its original format. This page tells you how to do this.

  Make Outlook store a copy of your Reply in the same folder as the Original Email you're replying to

Outlook has a little-known configuration setting that can keep email conversation threads together, in the same folder.
Here's how to enable it.

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More Info

  How We Safeguard You from Receiving Viruses in your Email

Details of the methods that Arrowmail uses to stop emails containing viruses getting through to a user's mailbox.

  How Our Anti-Spam System Works

Details of how Arrowmail's anti-spam system works and our philosophy for combating the spam problem while minimising the loss of genuine emails.

  An Explanation of Mail-Exchanger or MX Records

Without MX records email doesn't get delivered. Find out how this system works and check what your email domain's MX records are.

  Can I send Marketing Emails through Arrowmail?

Newsletters, Mail-Outs, Bulk Emails, Circulars and Promotions are a way of using email as a marketing tool. Can the Arrowmail Smarthost servers be used for sending out these types of email?

  A Glossary of Email Terms

If you're unfamiliar with any jargon used in these support pages, or just want a fuller explanation of something to do with email, then hopefully you'll find it on our Glossary Page.

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  Layers of Abstraction

A strategy that humans use to understand complex systems, particularly in the field of computing, is to hide excessive detail behind a metaphor.

  Advice on Choosing the best Range of IP Addresses to use on your LAN

Internal office networks usually have a special range of private IP addresses that don't appear on the Internet. Here's advice on which ones you should choose for your LAN.

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The Arrowmail Support Policy

At Arrowmail our policy is to do everything we possibly can to provide help, free of charge, to customers experiencing problems using our services, short of hiring more staff.

Here's NOT our Point of View on Customer Support:-

Our services operate using standards and protocols, widely-used elsewhere on the Internet and so no specialised knowledge is required to setup an email account in Outlook on a PC or Mac to get email working on your smartphone or tablet.
If you have a problem, and there are 1000s of other people using our servers problem-free, what should we conclude?

All our staff use the Arrowmail servers extensively and, believe me, they're the first to complain when something's not right.
So if they aren't whinging but you have a problem what should we conclude?

It could, of course, be that your account is not configured properly, but generally your problem will be due to:-

1 -

The settings on your PC or mobile device are not correct.

2 -

A problem on your PC, such as a firewall blocking the connection to our servers.

3 -

Your PC or mobile device is not connecting to the Internet properly.

Are these things our responsibility to fix?

This IS our Point of View

Computers, mobile devices and Exchange/Outlook email are complicated and the majority of people who want to use these services are not au fait with the technical details of setting them up, and neither do they want to be.

People just want things to work and there's only a certain amount of effort they'll put into getting them to work before giving up.
When someone gives up, no one wins.
They can't enjoy the advanced email features they want and we lose a paying customer.

We believe that it's the collective responsibility of our industry to help customers overcome technical difficulties and so, no matter what's causing any problem you may be having that's stopping you accessing an Arrowmail service, we'll try our best to solve it.

A Guide to how best to obtain help from us

On-Line Help
On this website you'll find plenty of information about how to configure your PC and mobile device to work with our servers.
In our series or support pages we've prepared detailed instructions, with plenty of screen-shots, to walk you through common tasks.

Get a Technical Friend to Help
As our services operate using Internet-wide standards, anyone with experience of other email systems should find our systems operate in a similar way.
Even if your friend has equal technical ability to yourself, a second take on things usually helps.

Contact Us for Help
You can send an email to

How long it takes for us to reply will vary with our workload.
We aim to send a proper reply within just a few hours during UK business hours.

Talking to you on the phone can be a quicker way to resolving problems than email.
You calling us doesn't work as it's not the best use of our limited resources so we'll decide if ringing you is likely to clear up the problem more quickly.
It's best, therefore if you can give us the widest range of times when we can call you.
This can be anywhere between 8.00am and midnight.

Just like every other Internet-based service we urge you to read our on-line help as the first step when you have a problem.
If you've having trouble setting something up, chances are we have a step-by-step guide with lots of screen-shots and even the odd joke thrown in.
Sure, the effort spent creating the on-line support pages was calculated to reduce the
day-to-day support effort required by us but, if you can find what you're looking for, an illustrated step-by-step guide that you can print out is better than taking instructions over the phone.
Setting up Outlook on a PC to connect to our Exchange server can be surprisingly complicated. When I'm doing this I often check our on-line guide for this to make sure I haven't missed out a step.

All our support people are UK based, they're qualified engineers with loads of experience working with email but our financial business model means we don't have very many of them.
At times there will inevitably be delays getting in contact with someone who can help and so, in this section of our website, we've provided answers to some common problems and questions we get asked about.

If you can't find your answer here then, as the majority of our email services follow widely adopted email standards, by searching the Internet you may find someone who has had the same problem as you and found the answer.
This is what we do when we don't know the answer.

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