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Arrowmail Price List

Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 Mailboxes for Individuals and Groups

Number of Mailboxes in Group

1 to 19





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Monthly Cost per Mailbox

Each mailbox comes with 60gb of storage.
These are all of our charges. There's no setup fee or support fee and you can leave at any time and only pay to the end of the current month.

The first 5gb of storage space used by Public Folders is free and above that we charge all of your Public Folders as an additional mailbox.

Exchange Hosting for Larger Organisations

If you have more than 100 users we can probably do a better deal, depending on the total amount of storage you require.
Contact us to discuss details and pricing if you're interested.

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Prices shown don't include VAT


Standard POP3 Mailboxes

  Number of Mailboxes  

1 to 19

20 to 49

50 to 199


250mb Mailboxes




Monthly Cost per Mailbox  

The minimum order is 4 mailboxes unless you're buying another Arrowmail service when you can get just a single POP3 mailbox if you wish

Prices shown don't include VAT

The storage allowance for all your POP3 mailboxes is "pooled".
For example, 10 mailboxes have a total storage allowance of:-

10 x 250mb = 2.5gb

If 9 mailboxes only use 100mb, the 10th mailbox can use 1.6gb.

If you want more than 200 mailboxes we can probably do a better deal depending on the total amount of storage you need.

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Support Services for Companies with their own Email Systems


Monthly Charges for


(Send out emails reliably)

Ring Fence Package

(Smarthost + Anti-virus, Anti-spam &
Lost Email Protection, etc.)


Emails Sent per Month













Most small companies fit here


















each additional 5000, up to 50,000

add £7.25


add £14.50


An average user sends between 300 and 500 emails per month

each additional 10,000 over 50,000

add £7.25


add £14.50


The size of the emails you send doesn't matter

as there's no monthly bandwidth limit.

Monthly Charges for

  Lost Email Protection

(Backup MX record)

What's Lost Email Protection?


1st domain



additional domains




FTP Server

(for sending huge files)


Prices shown don't include VAT

Storage Allowance












Rolling Email Archive

(1 month retention)

add 50% to
Ring Fence price


For the Ring Fence Package, we still use the number of emails you send out each month to determine which pricing band your company fits into.
As spam often makes up over 90% of a company's incoming emails, it would be unfair to charge based on the number of incoming emails.

Contact us for a quote on other service combinations or special requirements.

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How Do I Pay?

To keep our prices low we need to minimise our administration costs.
Therefore, for business customers with monthly bills of under £100, after any trial period has ended, we require payment for 6 months or 12 months in advance.
If your monthly bill is £100 or over, we'll invoice you monthly.
Private individuals using our Hosted Exchange service can setup a monthly standing order or make a recurring monthly payment using PayPal.
We promise that if, for any reason, you decide to cancel your services with us, we will promptly refund any remaining pre-paid full months.

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Do Our Customers have to be UK-based to use Arrowmail?

No, certainly not, we welcome customers from any country.

After all, the lack of international barriers is what the Internet is all about.
However, we don't hide the fact that we are based in the UK and all our personnel and most of our servers are located in the UK.

The advantages to UK customers are:-



We speak exactly the same language.


We are most easily contactable during UK business hours and we have the same public holidays.


We have the same currency and use a UK bank (Barclays).


We're subject to the same laws, especially in regard to the Data Protection Act, 1998


We are familiar with the Internet and email issues particular to the UK and have experience of the major UK ISPs.


Although there's not much of it, we schedule any downtime for maintenance and upgrades when it will least inconvenience UK customers - such as the early hours of Sunday.


All of the above points don't mean that we can't provide an excellent service to customers outside the UK.

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