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The Arrowmail Partner Program

Arrowmail welcomes enquiries from companies and individuals regarding partnership arrangements.

We're open to ideas and suggestions, providing they follow these broad guidelines:-

1 - The end-user of our services should not get a worse deal than they would if they dealt directly with us, for the equivalent service.

2 - We don't lose any of our ability to prevent abuse of our system by suspending accounts pending rectification of any problem.

3 - Things should be simple to administer, requiring the least amount of monitoring, checking, manual intervention or invoice generation.

4 - We can't be held liable for any breach of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) you have made with a third party if we don't have such SLA provisions directly with you.

We currently have a reseller scheme in place for anyone bringing new business to us.
This is open to individuals and/or companies who are in a position to recommend our services to potential customers.

If you're interested, use the following webform to receive details of our current schemes, register with us as a partner or suggest an arrangement of your own.

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