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What are
we selling?

Super-Flexible Email Mailboxes for 89p/month, or less,
accessed by POP3, IMAP or Webmail

so good
about it?

Simple but Powerful

A standard email mailbox that's accessible by all email programs, browsers and
mail-enabled phones.

We aim to provide mailboxes as cheap as possible, but with all the features you need.
From just a handful of mailboxes to many thousands, we strive to make our mail-system
the best.


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You can access these mailboxes using the standard POP3 and IMAP protocols from any email program, as well as with any browser on any computer, as Webmail.

We also support the encrypted versions of these protocols: POP3S and IMAPS
(webmail is always encrypted).

You can send emails using standard SMTP or the encrypted SMTP over TLS.
We also accept emails sent over the alternative port 587 in case the standard port 25 is blocked.

You can have an unlimited number of alternative email addresses, from various accounts, forwarded to your mailbox and can send out emails from any of these aliases.

Our mailboxes can't do Push Email where, as soon as a new email arrives, it's sent to
your phone, giving an alert.
(We also sell Hosted Exchange Mailboxes that does include Push Email to an iPhone or other phone with an ActiveSync client - details here)

Setting your phone to check one of our regular mailboxes every 15 minutes using POP3 or IMAP is a good 2nd to real Push Email.


 Industry-Leading Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus filtering

Viruses and dangerous attachments are blocked.
Spam from botnets is refused, obvious spam is deleted and "probable spam" is marked for you to review or filter.


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We think our anti-spam system is the best around at blocking spam without losing genuine emails.
90% of incoming spam is rejected because it's being sent from servers on a black-list of known sources of spam.
Emails that make it through this check are scored by a combination of SpamAssassin rules and Bayesian Filtering and then classified in 3 categories:-
Genuine Email, Definite Spam and Probable Spam
Genuine Email is delivered, Definite Spam is deleted while Probable Spam has it's Subject Line modified by adding it's spam score to the start, for example:-
[***SPAM*** Score/Req: 6.2/5.0] Dear HSBC Bank CardHolder

This allows you to use a rule in your email program to move Probable Spam to a separate folder for later review.
You can re-submit any emails we've miss-classified to help our Bayesian Filter refine it's rules.
We adjust our settings to minimise the risk of mistaking genuine emails for spam at the expense of the occasional spam email making it into your Inbox.

We also eliminate "backscatter" emails which are genuine (but lame) emails sent from other mail-servers telling you that your email (which you didn't actually send) couldn't be delivered.
You get these because a spammer has used your address as the sender in their emails, but our servers are smart enough to know that you didn't send the original emails and so delete these warnings.



Get emails in and out of your mailbox by all possible methods.
Distribute copies, forward emails, apply rules, modify the Subject Line or have "Catch-All" addresses. Send attachments up to 50mb.

Our system is so flexible it can cope with the most complicated email requirements.
Maybe our system is the "glue" you need to make the various parts of your existing company email system work together.


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Many features are user-configurable via a web control panel and we're happy to setup any complicated processing, filtering or "logic" you require.

Your business efficiency is improved by having all your emails available in one place and automatically moving emails to addresses such as info@ and support@ to shared folders where everyone who needs to, can access them.

Although our attachment limit is 50mb, you also need to make sure the email system you're sending to doesn't have a lower limit.
Our limit is chosen to be higher than the vast majority of other email systems.


Your emails are sent out reliably

Get your emails sent reliably to all destinations, no matter how you connect to the Internet

This means you can send emails from your office, from home or when travelling.


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Because there's so much spam on the Internet these days, your genuine business and personal emails can be refused if the server sending them isn't trusted by other email systems on the Internet.
A Smarthost, where companies forward all their outgoing emails through us, is the main business of Arrowmail and so we're pretty good at it:-
we have the correct forward and reverse DNS names;
we digitally sign outgoing emails according to the DKIM system;
we encourage clients to create an SPF record to authorise our servers to send their email;
we're part of the Yahoo/AOL/Hotmail AntiSpam Feedback systems;
we monitor email black-lists to ensure our servers aren't on any.

For your part, you mustn't send spam through us, which means that any marketing/newsletter emails you send can only be to recipients who have positively
opted-in to receive them, and you must always include an unsubscribe link.


We do the basics of an email system very very well

Access to your mailbox by every possible method

Virus removal

Spam filtering

Get emails delivered to all destinations

Everything's included: aliases, forwarding, rules, collection, distribution

Speedy setup

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Who would want it?

A company or organisation that wants a lot of cheap, high-quality mailboxes to use with their own domain name.

A company with an existing head office email system that needs to extend it to include a new branch office or home workers.

A company with some complications or problems that their existing email system can't handle.

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it cost?

89p per mailbox/month dropping to 79p for 20+ and 69p for 50+ mailboxes.

No setup fees, no leaving fees, no upgrade fees - just one fixed Monthly Fee.
No long-term commitment - you can always leave, for any reason, at the end of the current month.

Each mailbox comes with 256mb of storage.

All storage is "pooled" so the size of an individual mailbox isn't limited.
There's no overall hard storage limit so there's no problem going over your storage allowance temporarily, and if you continue to exceed it we'll contact you about this before taking any action.
No minimum order.
Additional storage is available at £1/gb/month.


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Try before you buy

Have a free 1 month trial
Tell us what you need and we'll set it up and get it working - usually in a matter of hours.
Use it free for a month, without obligation, and then decide if you want to pay to continue.


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What's the next step?

Give us the details we need to set things up:-

Who are you?

Your name, company name, phone number and email address

How many mailboxes do you want?


Make a list of each user's details

(An Excel Spreadsheet is best.)

Full Name, the password you want, main email address, additional email addresses plus any special requirements.

How are your incoming emails going to get to our servers?

MX records, forwarded from another email system or collected by our system from an external catch-all mailbox?

Things you need to do:-

Change the MX records for your domains to point to our servers.

Find the username/password/servername of any mailboxes you want our system to collect email from.

Email, call 0800 634 9870 or use the web-form
below to give us the information needed for your free trial.


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