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Sending Marketing Emails through Arrowmail's Servers

What are Marketing Emails?

Here's what we mean by Marketing Emails:-

Newsletters Letting your customers/members know what's been happening lately.
Circulars The same thing as a Newsletter.
Mail-Outs Where the same advertising email is sent to 100s or 1000s or people.
Bulk Email A general term for sending lots of non-personal emails.
Promotions An email to let your customers know of some new deal.

The purpose of these emails is self-promotion.
Even if nothing is being explicitly offered for sale in the email, the aim is to present the sending organisation in a good light and to reinforce its name with the recipient - standard advertising tactics.

Arrowmail would prefer not to send Marketing Emails!

Our main purpose is to send regular business and personal emails.
We will, however, let you send marketing emails through us if we believe that you are sticking to the rules.
Break the rules and we soon start to get complaints that you're sending spam which threatens our core business and so we have to cancel your account.

The main problem is that people don't realise there are rules and think that email is a cheap way to drum up new business.

So here are our rules, they are mostly taken from the current EU and US laws on sending Marketing emails:-

1 - Only send emails to recipients who have positively opted-in to receive emails from your particular organisation
This means that on your website the recipient consciously clicked on a box to change its state from the default of "Don't send me emails" to
"Please send me emails".
You can't use lists of email addresses bought from other people or trawled from the Internet.

2 - Include an Unsubscribe Link in every email you send
"One-Click" unsubscribe systems that take you to a confirmation webpage are best.
Using a "Reply to this email with Unsubscribe as the Subject" mailto link is OK.
Don't make people log-on with a password to unsubscribe.
Don't hide the Unsubscribe Link in your email.
Honour unsubscribe requests promptly - no need to send a confirmation email.

3 - In every email, remind the recipient on which website they signed up for these emails and say how often you send them
This is straight from the anti-spam laws.

4 - In every email include your company or organisation's street address.
Again, this is from the legislation. It shows you're a bona fide company with nothing to hide.

5 - The From and/or Reply-To address of the Marketing emails must be valid and you must monitor emails sent to it
Maybe the response you want is the recipient to click on a link in your email and not reply to it but, if our servers can't deliver the email, they send a "Delivery Failure" message back to the From address or, if there is one, the Reply-To address.
We want:-
a) To be able to deliver these failure messages.
b) You to remove failed addresses from your mailing lists.

6 - Remove from your mailing lists "failed addresses" and those that have generated a spam abuse report
If an email hasn't been delivered after 1 hour we send a "Transient Delivery Failure" email back to the sender. You can ignore these.
If the email can't be delivered after 3 days or the recipient's mail-server immediately refuses it, we send a "Permanent Delivery Failure" email to the sender.
You must remove these addresses from your mailing lists before your next mail-out.
We also get Spam Abuse Feedback reports from many of the large ISPs when one of their users clicks "This is Spam" on an email you've sent through our servers. We currently wait for 2 such reports from the same user before requiring you to remove them from your mailing lists.
If your mail-out generates too many Spam reports we're likely to cancel your account.

This means you can't use email marketing to attract new customers.

If you're surprised by any of these rules or think they're unreasonable then we don't want you as a customer.

If you already comply with most of these rules and can adopt the rest then we welcome you as a customer.

Tips for sending Marketing Emails

These aren't requirements, just suggestions, if your software can do it.

Spread the sending of your Mail-Out over as long a time as you can
It's not usually important when a Marketing email is received so you might be able to spread the sending process over 2 days. One email every 10 seconds is good for us.

Don't send to the same email domain all at once
Yahoo is the hardest destination to send to so it doesn't help if you send to all the Yahoo addresses on your mailing list in consecutive emails.

Use Double Confirmation for new members of your mailing list
This means when someone signs up to your mailing list you send them an email with a confirmation link to click on, and only when this happens do you add them to the list.
This prevents spelling mistakes in the email address and people being signed up, without their knowledge, by a 3rd party, probably for some malicious reason.

Other types of Email that it's OK to send through Arrowmail

Some emails aren't Personal or Business, but neither are they Marketing emails that can cause us trouble.
Here are some examples of these other types of email that it's OK to send through our servers:-

Emails generated automatically by websites
These could be webforms where customers fill in their details which are converted into an email or emails that are generated as part of an order processing system.

Monitoring and Reporting emails
Programs running on your server may generate warning emails as a result of a fault condition or perhaps daily activity reports are sent as emails.

Emails delivering a service
If your business is to provide information, in the form of an email, delivered to people who have paid to receive it then the equation changes. The recipients really want to receive the email and you don't want to send them to anyone who hasn't subscribed to your service.

Sometimes the emails can be free to receive if all the recipients are part of a "market" and the company sending the mails is acting as a broker, advising of new opportunities.

Because the ability for companies, and most individuals, to receive emails can be taken for granted, there are many varied uses for email beyond its original purpose.
If you are not breaking any of our rules and we don't receiving complaints then we're happy to deliver these emails reliably for you.

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