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Email for your iPhone

You didn't buy your iPhone to read email on it,

you bought it because it's cool.

No, it's more than that, it's beautiful, irresistible.

But now you've got your iPhone it would be nice to read your email on it, and it would be nicer still if the emails and folders you see on your iPhone are exactly the same as the ones you see when using Entourage on a MAC, Outlook/Outlook Express on a PC or using Safari/Firefox/Internet Explorer for webmail.

Send an email from your iPhone and, when you next check email on your computer, you'll find a copy of it sat in your Sent Items folder.
If you mum sends you an email, which you read on your iPhone and then move to the "Mum" email folder, that's where you'll find it when your next use webmail to check you email.
"Fully-Synchronised Email" is what we call it and it's the only way to go!

A iPhone can use the IMAP email protocol, which is where the master copy of your email is kept safely on a central server and, when a computer or email-enabled mobile device logs on, its local cached copy of your mailbox is synchronised with all the latest changes.

Apple iPhone

The current version of the iPhone can't do Push Email but, using IMAP with an Arrowmail mailbox, it can still keep synchronised with all the other places you read your email

Should your iPhone be lost, stolen or destroyed you might take some small comfort in knowing that it didn't contain any emails that are not also held on the central server.

To setup an IMAP account on an iPhone you just need to know the IMAP server address, your username and password.
We usually like to provide step-by-step instructions, with screenshots, on how to do this but we've not managed to get hold of an iPhone as yet, so you're going to have to work that part out yourself.

Our IMAP server address is and you can get a username and password by applying for a trial of our service here.

We're not just selling an IMAP email account. Our Exchange Mailbox accounts give the most fully-featured, convenient, flexible email experience it's possible to get.
If you don't mind some "PC" talk, this page goes into raptures about what's possible with our premium email accounts.

We think our fully-synchronised email accounts are cool, but then we don't have iPhones. Using one of our accounts with your iPhone won't make it any cooler but we think it's a worthy partner to share your iPhone world.

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