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Configure Your PC's Email Program to use the Arrowmail Smarthosts

You don't have to be a company with its own mail-server to use the Arrowmail SMTP servers to get your out-going emails delivered reliably.
You can connect to our servers directly from the email program on your computer.

We've prepared the following PDF files of step-by-step instructions to configure 5 popular email programs to use our SMTP server:-

Outlook 2003

Use these instructions if you have you have Outlook 97, 2000, 2002 or XP

Outlook 2007  

Outlook Express  

Windows Mail

The free email program included with Windows Vista

Mozilla Thunderbird

The free email program from the same people that make the Firefox browser

Whatever program you use, it's the same 4 steps you need to take to configure it to use our SMTP servers so, if you use a different email program, here's a list of what you need to do:-


1 -

Find where the current Outgoing Email/SMTP server is specified, it might be called something like or

Change it to:

2 -

Specify that your SMTP server requires authentication.

If you currently use your Internet provider's SMTP server you normally don't need to provide a username and password in order to send and email because you are connecting to the Internet through your ISP and so they can see that you are one of their customers.
Because you can connect to the Arrowmail SMTP servers from anywhere on the Internet we have to make you authenticate to prove you are one of our customers before you can send emails through us.

3 -

Enter the username and password we have given you for the SMTP server, and tell your program to remember your password.

Don't confuse this with the username and password you need to supply to collect incoming emails, usually from a POP3 server. Your email program will now have a different username and password for incoming and outgoing emails.

4 -

Change the TCP Port number that your email program uses to send emails to our server from the standard port number 25 to 587 - this is often in the "Advanced" configuration section.

This step is not strictly necessary as our SMTP servers will accept connections over port 25 but some ISPs, including mobile data operators, block access to SMTP servers using port 25 except for their own server, perhaps to stop viruses on PCs sending out spam.

We recommend using port 587 to send emails as it has the best chance of working in all situations.

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