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What's the Ultimate Mobile Email Solution?

Anything less than a PC with a good Internet connection is a compromise.

If you use a Smartphone:-
The lack of a full-size keyboard and mouse limit the the speed of navigation and text input.
The lack of a full-size screen makes reading emails and attachments more difficult.
The lack of a large amount of local storage makes access to your email archive difficult.

But even a laptop is too big, too heavy, too fragile and has a short battery life.
It also requires too much space to operate in - a square foot of solid "desk" to rest your laptop on is not always available - and I hate working with one actually on my lap!

It's hard to see how a full-size keyboard and screen will ever be available in a device that can fit into a shirt pocket.

Here's my suggestion:-

Get the smallest mobile phone that can do Direct Push email.
This is all you need to carry if you're only going to be away from the office for an hour or so.
Get a laptop that weighs just over 1kg with a 12" screen, long battery life, WiFi and a built-in 3G Data Card. (Have a look at the Lenovo ThinkPad X60.)
Carry this in a small zip-up case with just a single compartment.
I would squeeze in a mouse and mouse mat but definitely not a power supply or any other leads and accessories.
Let the phone alert you when new emails arrive and let you read their contents and then, if necessary, use the laptop to study them, with any attachments, more carefully and compose replies.

Needless to say that your email system needs to be fully synchronised so that any emails you send and receive on your mobile equipment, plus changes you make to your address book and calendar, show up on your office and home PCs and a full backup of everything is kept safely on your mail-server.

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