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Out-Of-Office Replies - You Can't Be Serious!

Out-of-office replies are a feature available on most modern email systems.
You know the sort of thing:-

"I'll be away from the office until Wednesday the 10th.
For any urgent matters please contact so and so…"

I hate them, never use them and advise you to do the same.
To me they suggest a "Public Service" attitude where you're not serious about providing a good service to your customers, or a poorly implemented email system that doesn't allow access to your email wherever you happen to be.
Personally I'm never "out of the office" where email is concerned.
My "work" and "personal" emails are equally accessible at my place of work, at home, on my mobile phone and, if all else fails, using Webmail on any computer I come across.
There should be no technical reason why your email can't work the same way.
OK so we're not all workaholics striving for the Managing Director's job and you may not have the inclination to deal with work matters outside of work hours. However, the fact that you are on holiday for 2 weeks should be transparent to your customers and business contacts.
One way to do this is to make use or non-personal email addresses such as sales@, info@ and customerservice@ which go to Public Folders on your email server where several staff can monitor them and send replies.
Otherwise, while you're away, you can automatically forward a copy of your email to a colleague who can decide which emails need a prompt response and which ones can await your return.

If it's really only you that can deal with your emails then you'll have to find a way of checking your email every day or so while you're away - it's not hard to do these days and there's no place on the surface of the Earth where this is impossible - OK so maybe your boss won't get you a satellite phone for your trip up the Amazon.

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