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At Arrowmail We Eat Our Own Dogfood

The origin of this rather unsavoury expression is in a dilemma Microsoft faced a few years ago.
One part of the corporation was developing their webserver - Internet Information Server (IIS) - and promoting its use in all types of businesses, while another part was struggling to manage the huge number of webservers that were behind all of Microsoft's own websites.

The team running the websites were drawn towards unix webservers, such as Apache, as a more stable and scalable solution, but management saw this as unacceptable:-

"If people see that we choose not to use IIS for all our internal and external websites then how can they trust us that it's the right choice for their needs?"

So Microsoft using IIS for their own websites was likened to them "eating their own dogfood".
Dogfood being obviously inferior to human food and hence this comment being disparaging as it implies that IIS is the dogfood of webserver software, pretending to be suitable for human consumption.

Interestingly there's no pressure on real dogfood manufacturers to eat their own product in order to prove its worth.

Let me hasten to say that the current Internet Information Server 7 is certainly fit for human consumption.
I use it for all my websites and, although Apache is still the most common webserver found on the Internet, IIS now makes up around 20% of this market.

So the point of this article is to give an endorsement to our products by saying that all of the staff and people involved with Arrowmail gladly use its services for their business and personal email.

We're somewhat evangelical in our desire to get our message across that email can still be a reliable tool for business communication.

Mmm yummy!

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