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Spam and Malware Filtering Service

You don't have to suffer the daily onslaught of spam into your Inbox.

Get protection against all the emails trying to defraud you or spread malware.

Whether you're a business or an individual, we have a solution
that will fit in with you're current email system.

Try our filtering service free for a month and decide for yourself if it works.
No up-front payments details are required.

Prices start at £1/email address/month (including VAT).

If you are a Company or Organisation there are 2 options:-

1 -

All your incoming emails pass through our filtering servers before being sent on to your current company mail-server.
To enable this you only need to change the DNS MX records for your domain so
no changes are required on your mail-server or your users' computers and devices.

2 -

We host all your mailboxes on our servers so you don't need  your own mail-server.
You can choose between fully-featured Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, cheap POP3/IMAP/Webmail mailboxes, or a combination or both types of mailboxes.
Try us out with just 1 or 2 of your mailboxes, if you like, by forwarding emails from existing mailboxes on your system.

If you are a Private Individual:-

There's no need to change your current email address.
You can choose between one of our fully-featured Microsoft Exchange mailboxes for £3.90/month or a simple POP3/IMAP/Webmail mailbox for 89p/month.
If you own your domain then you can change the DNS MX records so incoming emails come to our servers.
(During the trial you might just want to just setup forwarding to see how it works.)
If you don't own your domain (Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo etc.) then setup incoming emails to be forwarded on to our servers.

How Much does it Cost?

The charge for filtering a company's emails, ahead of their own mail-server, depends on the number of emails, excluding spam, that are received each month.
This can be for multiple domains and the 1 month trial is used to determine the charging band.

Emails Received per Month












each additional 5000, up to 50,000

add £7.25

each additional 10,000 over 50,000

add £7.25

The cost of Exchange mailboxes, including spam and malware filtering:-

Number of Mailboxes

1 to 19





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Monthly Cost per Mailbox

The cost of POP3/IMAP/Webmail mailboxes, including spam and malware filtering:-

Number of Mailboxes

1 to 19

20 to 49

50 to 199




Monthly Cost per Mailbox

Full Disclosure: Our System isn't Perfect

Spam emails will get through - Why?
Because spammers are extremely clever, determined and financially motivated to keep coming up with new ways to get round the systems designed to combat them.
What can you do about it?
We are constantly watching for any spam that gets through to our "honey-trap" mailboxes and updating our filters.
A new large spam campaign can start suddenly and it might be several hours before we get our own system updated plus there can be a delay while the external systems we use, such as blacklists, catch up.
Alternatively it could be a small trickle of spam that's being sent to just a few addresses that happens to include yours.
If the same spam email is still getting through after a couple of days then you can
re-submit it to us so we can analyse why.
If it looks like it could be just unwanted advertising from a legitimate company then try using the "unsubscribe link" in the email first.

Genuine emails will get marked as spam. Why?
Because many companies haven't used the various methods available to identify their emails as genuine. Also anti-spam systems analyse the contents of an email for pointers to indicate if it's spam and, unfortunately, the writing style of some people includes these pointers.
Top tips for avoiding having your emails blocked as spam:-
1 - Don't put the Subject Line in ALL CAPITALS.
2 - Don't start an email with "Dear" - sounds harsh but SpamAssassin doesn't like it.
3 - Don't mark your emails as High Priority.
4 - Always have a minimum of 4 words in your Subject Line.

How can you stop false positives?
If the same regular correspondents keep getting marked as spam then let us know and we'll "whitelist" their addresses so they skip spam filtering.
We configure our system to minimise false positives at the expense of some spam emails getting through.

Will Viruses still get through?
I really hope not.
Emails pass through 2 separate virus-scanners, risky file-types are blocked, and files inside ZIP files are also scanned, but new tricks and vulnerabilities are always being found.
If we combine our system with your scepticism and common sense it's about as safe as it gets.

So what's the point in using your system? I want a system that's perfect.
Don't we all? In 2004 Bill Gates said, "Two years from now, spam will be solved." and many trillions of spam emails later it's still here.
Using all the modern methods for identifying spam, combined with our own techniques and vigilance, we have an email filtering system equal to anything that's out there but, if it's not working for you, after the free trial, just say goodbye.
If you have subscribed, but later change your mind for any reason, we'll refund any
pre-payment from the end of the current month.

How Does our System Work?

If the sending server's IP address is currently on the SpamHaus, SpamCop or AbuseAt blacklist then the email is refused.

First the email passes through 2 different anti-virus scanners and if either identify a virus the whole email is deleted.

Then, various different systems get to analyse the email and give it a Spam Score.
These include:-
Bayesian Filtering
SPF Records
Our own custom rules

The scores are totalled and:-
If the score is below the Probable Spam threshold, the email is allowed to pass unchanged.

If the score is between the Probable Spam and Definite Spam thresholds the email has its Subject Line modified to add this indicator to the start:-
[***SPAM*** Score/Req:...
The email is then allowed to continue to the recipient where an Inbox Rule in their email program will automatically move it to their Junk E-mail folder or a company might want their mail-server to move all such emails into a central mailbox.
This way it's easy for users to check for false positives.

If the score is above the Definite Spam threshold the email is deleted.
I don't know of any occasion when a genuine email has been deleted.

To organise your free trial or ask any questions:-

Call the Arrowmail Sales and Information line free on 0800 634 9870


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