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Arrowmail is an Email Service Provider

We've had many years of experience looking after email systems and have strong views about what constitutes a good system.

We've seen many examples of companies and individuals suffering unnecessary limitations and inconveniences in the way their email system works.

Many commercial email systems are provided by ISPs because "they have to", but email is all that we do and we have a passion to provide the perfect email system.

Our Head Office is in Bedfordshire, UK and our servers are located in
UK and US datacentres.
User mailbox data is only stored on our UK-based servers.
The US servers are used as gateways for sending and receiving emails
in order to strengthen our ability to deliver emails to US-based mail-servers
and to increase our geographic "footprint" to cope with any problems
specific to a particular region.

Our Aim is to Provide Businesses and Private Individuals with the Best Possible Email Experience.

This means:-

Getting the Basics Right

Blocking viruses

Filtering out spam while minimising the risk of losing genuine emails

Ensuring that emails are delivered reliably

Keeping our servers responsive

For Companies & Organisations:-

Provide services missing from their own email system

A "Lost Email Protection" service to keep a company's email flowing when their in-house server has failed

A SmartHost/SMTP server for reliable email delivery

Email Archiving

For Private Individuals and Groups seeking the Perfect Email System:-

Your own fully-functional Exchange mailbox

Access your email by all possible methods

Keep Outlook/Outlook Express synchronised across different PCs,
e.g. home, office and laptop

Maintain a master backup of all your email data on our servers

Provide Push Email to mobile devices

Above all, we're flexible and will try to accommodate your
special email requirements.

Our charges depend on the amount of
Server Resources
Internet Bandwidth
Administrative Effort

your account requires, and you won't find a better deal!

We have discounted rates for larger customers.

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